Cadet Advisory Council

The Middle East Region (MER) Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) is charged with three purposes:

  • Provide an organization where cadets gain leadership and experience at higher organizational levels

  • Aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program

  • Make recommendations for improving and running the Cadet Program

The council receives direction from the Region Commander and has a senior member advisor to provide day-to-day oversight.




MER CAC Chair & NCAC Representative
C/Maj Abhishek R. Mogili

MER CAC Vice Chair & NCAC Alternate
C/Lt Col Micah D. Pratt

MER CAC Recorder
C/CMSgt Isaac Vermillion

MER CAC Senior Advisor
Capt Patricia G. Overman


MER CAC Representatives


National Capital Wing

C/2d Lt Kyle Jung

C/1st Lt Leigh Lennon

Delaware Wing

C/Lt Col Justin DeRosiers

Maryland Wing

C/CMSgt Benjamin E. Mullen

C/1st Lt Danielle E. Twilley

North Carolina Wing

C/1st Lt John A. Harwell

C/2d Lt Brannan D. Massey

South Carolina Wing

C/1st Lt. Colton t. Parcell

C/1st Lt Thomas Reeves

Virginia Wing

C/Maj Justin R. Sweat

C/Maj Mici M. Cummings

West Virginia Wing

C/Lt Col Rachel Donnelly

C/Maj Daniel Smith