MER Contacts

MER leadership and staff sections can be reached through the following:


Point of Contact
Commander MER/CC Col John Knowles

Vice Commander - East

MER/CV-E Col Jerry Weiss

Vice Commander - West

MER/CV-W  Col Dennis Barron
Chief of Staff MER/CS Col Eugene Egry

Administration and Personnel 

MER/A1 Lt Col Ted D. Lybrand
Operations MER/A3 Col David E. Crawford
Logistics MER/A4 Lt Col Calvin Chandler
Plans, Requirements, and Programs MER/A5/8 Lt Col Eric Haertel
Communications MER/A6 Lt Col Maurice Thomas
Information Technology MER/A6I Maj James Holcomb
Missions MER/A7 Col Lawrence Trick
Aerospace Education MER/A7E Lt Col Thomas McLellan
Cadet Programs MER/A7O Capt Patricia G. Overman
Professional Development MER/A7P Lt Col Elizabeth Dunn
Finance MER/A9 Lt Col Phyllis Griffin
Chaplain MER/HC Ch Lt Col Wayne Byerly
Historian MER/HO Maj Joseph Myers
Inspector General MER/IG Lt Col Cheryl Fielitz-Scarbrough 
Legal Affairs MER/JA Lt Col Tim Corrigan
Public Affairs MER/PA Maj Julie S. Holley  
Safety MER/SE Maj Guy Butts


MER staff can access e-mail here: